We have a range of gift vouchers available to purchase in Australia only. This is a great way to support our cause, and give meaningful gifts to family and friends.

You can select a voucher below, pay online, and we will post it to your nominated address. A tax receipt will be emailed upon purchase. Please allow 3-5 days for your voucher/s to arrive by post. 

School Entrant Pack


This voucher covers everything we need to get a child to school, including uniform, materials, school bag, and enrolment fees.

Extra Nutrition


This voucher covers our fortnightly extra nutrition budget, providing healthy snacks and milk to the 125 children in our early literacy program

Emergency Medicine


This voucher covers our monthly emergency health care budget, ensuring people in Andong have access to the care they need.

Vocational Training


This voucher covers a students enrolment into a Vocational Training Course suited to their interests and career aspirations.

Monthly Teacher Salary


This voucher supports a teacher's salary for one month, enabling us to continue to provide quality education in Andong.