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Our organisation is based in a modern house in Steung Meanchey, Phnom Penh, and is home to 13 children who need residential care for a range of reasons including the need for frequent medical care, parental death and illness, or because they do not have a primary caregiver.


The centre provides good nutrition, healthcare, counselling, clothing, and a safe, supportive environment. We encourage and value a family atmosphere, ensuring each child has their individual needs met and is able to pursue their interests.


These children all attend top International Schools, receive tutoring from a qualified teacher at the centre, and are involved in a range of extra-curricular activities like soccer.


It is always our goal to reintegrate children into their families or to provide family support where needed.

Our Soccer Stars
Dress Ups
First day of school
Rock star
At the pool
Off to Bridgeton School
First day at Bridgeton
Hanging out
Ready for school
At the library
Off for a swim
Girls' room
Boys' room

Stellar Star of the Month: 

Sok Chea, Age 11


Sok Chea is a funny, clever kid who seems to have an endless archive of clapping games on supply.


When she started with us she was in Grade 3, but in the space of a few years she's skipped ahead and has now caught up with her age group at school.


Chea is extremely caring and is always happy to help out. She is an absolute asset to the centre, and we can't wait to see what the future holds for her.


Srey Neat to train at Kate Korpi Salon


16 year old Srey Neat was recently chosen as the number one new recruit in the Kate Korpi Salon traineeship program.


Kate Korpi is Phnom Penh’s premier hair salon, and Srey Neat has been given the wonderful opportunity to train as a hairdresser with top stylists from all over the world! Srey Neat recently joined her brothers, Lavin and Lavit, who have lived at the SCCO residential centre for around 2 years. Prior to this she looked after her mother, father and baby sister Srey Nich, who has also joined us at the centre. Srey Neat has always put everyone else’s needs before her own, so we’re so happy that she’s been given the opportunity to have an exciting future.


Srey Neat’s family have lived in Andong since the displaced community was formed in 2006. The family live in a wooden shack on the ‘culvert’, an area often flooded by dirty water from the neighbouring swamp. Sadly, Srey Neat’s mother passed away last year, and her father is entering the late stages of AIDS and can no longer work. Srey Neat uses part of her salary from the salon to support her father’s medical treatment, which we subsidise as much as possible.


I was privileged to visit the salon on Tuesday to meet Srey Neat’s teachers and see her new skills first hand when she washed and styled my hair. I was blown away by how much Srey Neat has blossomed under the care of the Kate Korpi staff, she has a newfound confidence and is absolutely beaming with happiness and pride. If anyone is visiting Phnom Penh I’d thoroughly recommend visiting the salon, if not please show your support by liking them on Facebook. It’s definitely my new hairdresser of choice!


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