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All our programs directly or indirectly emphasise the importance of education, working towards breaking down the barriers in Andong that limit access to education. We believe in hand-ups rather than hand-outs, and a hand-up in education is pivotal in the fight against poverty and achieving long-term sustainability.

Our strategy involves multiple initiatives that include:


Building 10 New Classrooms at Kork Rokar!

Kork Rokar public school is a short drive from Andong. Our community classes aim to complement (not supplement) Kork Rokar classes and we are heavily involved in supporting and advocating for the school. We assist SCCO student's to attend Kork Rokar by providing enrolments, uniforms, materials and a school bus service, which safely transports the children from Andong Village to school and home again.  

Kork Rokar classrooms are currently at maximum capacity, with classes containing anywhere up to 80 students to a single teacher. As a result, student's ability to learn and develop a love of learning are significantly diminished. This increases drop-out rates and further disadvantages the children in the area.

However, in 2017 through SCCO government lobbying, we were able to get the approval for 10 new additional classrooms to be built! Our goal is to increase capacity at Kork Rokar while simultaneously decreasing class sizes, thus supporting the teaching staff and in turn improving the quality of education.


As the build will take time, our incredible staff continue to provide support to Kork Rokar public school, working towards making our vision that every child in Andong has access to education a reality.

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